Remove "Save" button from mobile app

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Why do we need to use a “save” button in 2019 on the mobile app

When updating many forms on mobile my expectation is that once the field is blurred (clicked elsewhere) that the data is immediately saved. When I navigate back to another screen, the edits are completely lost. Just next to the back button on many screens is this ancient artefact of 1990s interaction design, the “save button”. I really can’t think of a use case why I would go through the effort of editing something only to completely discard it. The norm is “undo” rather than “save”.

I had to rename a report 4 times only to fix the issue by asking myself the question “surely they haven’t used a save button”.

This is the sort of thing that tortures millennial staff.

Please revisit. No UI change is required from a design perspective and code could easily be added to save automatically.


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