FAQ - ExpensiError NS0021: Invalid taxcode reference key

Nicole Trepanier
Nicole Trepanier Expensify Team Posts: 498 Expensify Team

This error generally refers to an issue with the Tax Group settings in NetSuite which could come from a number of sources.

Tax Group to Tax Code mapping

An error will occur if a Tax Code on Sales Transactions is mapped to a Tax Group. To get this working it will instead need to mapped to a Tax Code on Purchase Transactions.

You can confirm whether a Tax Code is for Sales or Purchase transactions by viewing the relevant Tax Code(s):

For Australian taxes ensure that your Tax Groups are mapped:

  • GST 10% to NCT-AU (and not the Sales Transaction Tax Code TS-AU)
  • No GST 0% to NCF-AU (and not the Sales Transaction Tax Code TFS-AU)

Tax Group Type

Tax Groups can be different types of tax. To work with Expensify ensure the tax type is set to GST / VAT:

Enable Tax Groups

Some Subsidiaries require you to enable Tax Groups. Go to Set Up Taxes for the subsidiary's country and ensure the Tax Code lists include both Tax Codes and Tax Groups: