FAQ: Why are my Company Card Expenses Exporting to the Wrong Account in NetSuite?

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There are a couple of factors that might cause your company card transactions to export to the wrong place in your accounting system. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that the cards have been mapped to the correct accounts through domain control.

If that seems ok, take a look at the account they exported to - is this actually your Default account under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections?

Click Configure to check the default Export settings for your non-reimbursable expenses:

The most common reason for expenses exporting to the default account is that they are not really imported from the mapped company card!

By this, I mean that only expenses that have the Card+Lock icon next to them can use the export mapping settings that you configure through Domain Control. This means they have been imported from the company card.

Expenses with a Cash icon have not been imported from a company card:

Even if the expense was paid for with the company card, this type of transaction is still a 'cash' expense unless it merges with a card expense with the card+lock icon.

Check out this FAQ for troubleshooting why these did not merge!

Less common is when the company card has also been added to the user's personal settings. Expenses that have been imported from a card linked at the individual account level, will have a plain card icon:

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