FAQ: How am I protected from fraud using the Expensify Card?

Christina Dobryzynski
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We take all the good aspects of receipt management, a credit card and a debit card and combine them into the Expensify Card. Those aspects being: receipt management automation (Expensify), fraud protection (credit card), and easy access to your own money (debit card).

Expensify Cardholders can dispute any/all transactions that appear fraudulent by writing into Concierge. We offer real-time push notification for every Expensify Card charge (as soon as the card is swiped), which helps highlight unwarranted transactions in an immediate fashion. A given cardholder can cancel their Expensify Card anytime (24/7) in our product.

Furthermore, we offer automated protection on the backend through Visa. Visa assigns a risk score to every transaction based on their data algorithms. We decline any transaction that exceeds a threshold risk score for your protection. We also have our own proprietary algorithms that look for unusual card activity and flag it for us to act on appropriately.

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