How-to: Individually assign a Vacation Delegate from Account Settings

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Going on vacation? Assign a Vacation Delegate!

A Vacation Delegate lets you assign a delegate to approve reports on your behalf when you go away for vacation or personal leave. After your delegate approves, the report will follow the same workflow it would have, had you approved the report.

To set a delegate yourself, you will need to head to the website (this cannot be added by using the mobile app).

  1. Go to Settings > Your Account > Account Details scroll down to Vacation Delegate 
  2. Fill in the appropriate email and click "Set Delegate"

Once you've set a delegate, you're officially on vacation! Any reports sent to you for approval will now go to your delegate. When you're back from vacation, just log into Expensify and click the link in the banner at the top of the page to remove your delegate.

Are you a Domain Admin? Head here to learn how to assign a Vacation Delegate from Domains.

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