Deep Dive: The Expensify Visa® Commercial Card

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What is the Expensify Visa® Commercial Card? 

The Expensify Card automates expense tracking for your business, thanks to market-first daily settlement, Smart Limits, and realtime compliance features that enable the highest spend within the safest limits.  

How is the Expensify Card different from other card programs? 

  • Ultra-smooth employee experience: When employees swipe the card, the app reminds them to SmartScan the corresponding receipt and take care of any coding. With just a tap, the expense can be coded and submitted before the employee even leaves the table. 
  • Maximized eReceipt Coverage: Just swipe the Expensify Card, and the transactions will appear instantly in your Expensify app along with full IRS-ready digital eReceipts for all but the largest of purchases.
  • Realtime compliance: Capturing expenses in realtime is only part of the picture!  Scheduled Submit, Concierge Receipt Audit, and Concierge report approval features mean that expenses are submitted on time and within the rules of your tightly enforced expense policy. 
  • Automatic daily or monthly settlement: The Expensify Card balance is automatically paid in full each day, automatically from your business bank account. No need to remember to pay off the card or worry about getting a supersized bill at the end of the month.
  • No additional fees and no interest: That’s right, the Expensify Card comes with your Expensify account and there's no commitment.
  • Reduced cost for Expensify: You’ll get an additional discount (if you already have a 50% Annual Subscription discount) off the price of Expensify from implementing the Expensify Card and using it for the majority of your monthly Approved USD spend.
  • Perks included at no cost: Expensify cardholders get special access to our industry-leading partners’ discounts and perks when they sign up using the Expensify Card. 
  • Increased security with 2FA: Customers can require two two-factor authentication for Expensify Cardholders, which greatly increases account security and allows cardholders to dispute digital card transactions.
  • Up to 2% Cash back (on US purchases only): Companies get 1% cash back on every US purchase. Spend more than $250k/month in the US across all Expensify Cards and get 2% cash back.

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