FAQ: I can't find a specific expense in my account. How do I track it down?

Ariel Green
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Here are a couple basic troubleshooting tips:

  • Head to the Expenses tab and click Reset Filters. Be sure to include Deleted expenses
  • If the expense was incurred on a credit card, try manually updating or even fixing (if a prompt appears) the card via  Settings > Account > Credit Card Import
  • If the expense was incurred on a company card assigned in Settings > Domain Control [Domain Name] > Company Cards, try having your Domain Admin look for the expense using the Reconciliation Dashboard filters. 
  • Try filtering from all types only to Receipts or Documents to check if the expense failed to SmartScan.
  • If you scanned the receipt from the Expensify app on your mobile device, try syncing your account
  • If you SmartScanned the receipt via receipts@expensify.com, try filtering to the date you forwarded the email.
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