FAQ - ExpensiError NS0046: Billable Expenses Not Coded with a NetSuite Customer or billable Project

Kirk Barrett
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This error occurs because NetSuite requires billable expenses to be coded to either a Customer or a Project that's configured as billable to a Customer.

For more information on Billable Expenses in general, please review our guide on re-billing expenses


If Customers/Projects are being imported as tags:

1. Access the report via the Expensify website 

2. Click the Details icon in the upper-left corner of the report:

3. Select the following options:

  • View: Details
  • Group by: Tag
  • Split report by: Billable

This will allow you to easily see which expenses are flagged as billable but don't have a valid customer tagged:

4. Click into each expense in the Billable section of the report and ensure that the Customer or Project tag field is present. If the field is showing, ensure that there aren't any violations and that a value has been applied to the field.