FAQ - NetSuite: Switching Ownership of a NetSuite Connection

Kirk Barrett
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When a user who "owns" the NetSuite connection (in the screenshot below, the owner is [email protected]) leaves your company, please follow these steps to switch to a new user:

1. Click Configure and make sure that you have saved your sync option settings somewhere for you to reference later on. This is really important!

2. Click on the Do not connect to NetSuite radio button. You will be asked if you want to disconnect; click Disconnect.

3. Click the Connect to Netsuite radio button.

4. Enter the email for the admin who will be taking over the account as the NetSuite User ID. Enter the NetSuite Account ID (which you get in NetSuite by going to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences).

5. Click on the Create a new NetSuite Connection button. You will be asked if you have completed the prerequisites, which you will have at this point. Click Continue.

6. You'll be directed to the NetSuite SSO page. Enter the email from step #4 and NetSuite password for that account.

7. You'll be directed to the below page in NetSuite. Click on View all roles and make sure that you are signed in under the Administrator role. Once you have confirmed this, click Sign out.

8. You'll be redirected back to Expensify, where you will setup the sync options using the previous settings that you noted in step 1; then save the connection.

If you run into any issues with the above, here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

  1. In NetSuite, go into the role of the current connection "owner"
  2. Click Edit > Access > Select any role other than Administrator > Save
  3. Click Edit > Access > Select Administrator role > Save
  4. Then go back and repeat steps #1-8 above.