How-to: Edit or Delete a Report

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Editing or deleting a report can be done from both the website and the mobile app.

Note: you can only edit/delete a report in Open status. If your report is in Processing, Approved, or Reimbursed status, you will need to return your report to Open status. If your report is in a Closed status you will need to reopen the report.

If you're an admin, you will not be able to delete or archive employees' past reports, but instead can use filters to hide such reports from view so you only see exactly the reports you need.

Editing or Deleting a Report in a Web Browser

  • Click into any report either from your Inbox or your Reports tab in order to make edits to the report.
  • You can add expenses to the report by clicking Add Expenses at the top.
  • Click the Details section at the top right of the report, you will see options to print, export to PDF, delete the report, edit expenses, change the policy and share!

Editing or Deleting a report on Mobile 

  • To delete an Open report on an Android, press and hold the report name and tap Delete
  • To delete an Open report on an iOS device, go to the My Reports screen, swipe the report to the left, and tap Delete
  • To make edits to an Open report on the mobile app, simply tap into it from the My Reports screen:

  • Here, you can add expenses that have already been created in your app by tapping Add Expense.
  • Select Edit to change the report name (if your policy allows) as well as change the policy for the report if necessary.
  • To remove an expense from a report on an Android, hold the expense and tap Delete
  • To remove on an iOS device, swipe the expense to the side and tap Delete

Note that these expenses will not be deleted, they will simply be removed from the report and returned to the unreported expenses list.

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