How-to: Take over Consolidated Domain Billing

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If a Domain Admin has enabled Consolidated Domain Billing, all group policies owned by any user with an email address matching the domain will instead be billed to the Consolidated Domain Billing owner:

To take over billing for the entire domain, you must:

  1. Have a card linked on your Settings > Your Account > Payments page
  2. Set your email as the Primary Domain Admin
  3. Navigate to Settings > Domains > [domain name] > Domain Admins and enable Consolidated Domain Billing

A note on subscriptions and consolidated domain billing:

Currently, all the Consolidated Domain Billing functionality does is collate the amounts due for each Group Policy Billing Owner (listed on the Settings > Policies > Group page). If you'd like to take advantage of the Annual Subscription across all policies on the domain, you will also need to be the policy Billing Owner of all group policies.

That's it! Each month, you (as the new Billing Owner) will receive an email with the receipt for the group policies you own. If you'd like, you can get caught up on how to manage your Billing here.

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