FAQ: NetSuite: Please Enter Value(s) for: Tax Code

Christina Dobryzynski
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Instructions for resolving the ExpensiError NS0061: Please enter value(s) for: Tax Code error can be found below.

This error typically occurs when attempting to export expense reports to a Canadian subsidiary in NetSuite for the first time and/or your subsidiary in NetSuite has Tax enabled. To correct,

  1. Enable Tax in your NetSuite Configuration at Settings > Policies > Group [Policy Name] > Connections > Accounting Integrations
  2. Be sure to select posting accounts for GST/HST and PST if you plan on exporting any expenses with taxes on them to Journal Entires.
  3. Save the changes and click Sync Now to sync your connection

Side note: Expenses created before the Tax was enabled might need to have the newly imported taxes applied to them retroactively in order to be exported.

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