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Can I configure department-specific tags that are only available to specific employees?

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I have Department-related cost centres that I want to use as tags. However I don't want employees to be able to select tags of other departments. ie if Bob in sales travels, I want him to only be able to select the tag of Sales - Asia travel or Sales - America travel - not R&D or Marketing Asia / America travel. What is the best way to set that up? (ps I'm new to expensify). Thanks for your help

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  • tylerzoll
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    @RebeccaM, I posted an idea for an improvement on how this works by setting a default tag for an employee, but I didn't include anything about enforcing it. My recommendation would be to create some rules for the users that cover all of their expenses, then let Expensify auto tag the expenses for that employee. The problem is that you have to set up the rule on individual accounts. This isn't too bad if you have wingman access. Keep in mind though anyone can break the rule by manually changing a tag. Hopefully that helps, you can vote for the idea here:

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Thanks for sharing your idea here @tylerzoll!

    @RebeccaM - thanks for joining and posting on the community, it's great to have you here. Depending on how you're going to be utilizing Expensify, there are a few different options for you.

    The first option, which is probably the easiest to achieve, requires Expense Rules to be set up at the employee level. If the employee creates an expense rule to capture all expenses, a single tag (department) can be applied automatically to all expenses in their account. Please note, employees can override this if they select a different department at the tag level on an expense. (Below)

    The second option would be to sort employees into policies that are based on department. If the members of the policy would only use a single department, you could make the only tag available be the one they need to use.

    Lastly, the third option is the easiest but also requires that you're going to be using your accounting package connected to Expensify. If you plan on connecting your accounting package (QB Online, Xero, NetSuite, Sage Intacct) you should have the option to use the employee defaults from the package. This means you can set the default department for the employee is the package, and when reports are exported to the package, the default department is automatically applied for you.

    If you have further questions, it might be best if we discussed your account settings privately. Feel free to reach out to for one on one support.