How-to: Connect Gusto to your Group policy

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Seamlessly import and update your employees and approval workflows from Gusto into Expensify!

  • Provision Expensify accounts for all full-time, active employees as soon as they're hired. 
  • Update the approval workflow in Expensify based on any changes in Gusto.
  • Deprovision employees’ Expensify accounts upon their termination date. 

Prerequisites -

  • You'll need to be an admin in both Gusto and in Expensify to set up the integration.
  • You must have a Control or Collect policy in Expensify to integrate with Gusto. If you aren’t already on a Control or Collect policy then no worries, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade during setup.
  • Every employee record in Gusto must have a email address, since that’s how each employee will sign into Expensify. 

Note: Gusto will add all employees to one Expensify policy. If your company uses multiple Expensify policies, you'll have the option to choose which policy to connect during the setup process.

1. Connect Expensify and Gusto

You can set up a connection by clicking here and choosing the policy you would like to connect, or by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > scroll down to HR Integrations > Gusto
  • Select the Connect to Gusto radio button and click Connect with Gusto
  • Login to your Gusto account using admin credentials and authorize Expensify to access your Gusto account

2. Configure the Connection and Save!

  • Select the Approval Workflow that works best for your team
  • Remember to click Save in the bottom right corner when you're finished to sync employees

Basic Approval - Each employee will submit expense reports to one final approver. By default, the final approver is the policy's Billing Owner in Expensify. This is available on both the Collect and Control policy plan.

Manager Approval - Expense reports will first be submitted to each employee's direct manager as listed in Gusto, and then forwarded to one final approver. By default, the final approver is the policy's Billing Owner in Expensify. This is only available on the Control policy plan.

Configure Manually - Use the People table to manually configure how employees submit reports. In this case, you're choosing to not import an employee's manager. You will need to manually set and update the approval workflow for each employee. If your team has a highly complex approval workflow, this option will allow for multi-tiered approval chains. For more information on Advanced Approval, take a look at this help doc. This is only available on the Control policy plan.

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