How-to: Connect your policy to Xero

Kirk Barrett
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Integrate Directly With Xero

The integration enables seamless import of expense accounts into Expensify and sends expense reports back to Xero as purchasing bills awaiting payment or "spend money" bank transactions.


  • You must be a Policy Admin using a Collect or Control policy to connect

Connect Expensify and Xero

  • Navigate to Settings > Policies > Groups [Policy Name] > Connections > Xero
  • Select the Connect to Xero button and click Create a new Xero connection
  • Enter your Xero login information and choose the Xero organization you want to connect to Expensify (you can connect one organization per policy.)

If you are experiencing issues after following these steps, you can search the Community for the error you're receiving. Note: as of September 2021 apps like Expensify will no longer be able to create invoices and bills in Cashbook and Ledger type organizations via the Xero API. If you use a Cashbook and Ledger Xero account this could prevent you from using the Expensify integration.

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