FAQ: My email receipt didn't show up in the intended user account! Why?

Sheena Trepanier
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If you are forwarding a receipt from your own account and need it to appear in the Copilot account: 

  1. Double-check that you have access as a Copilot to this person's account. Navigate to Settings Your Account, scroll down to the Copilot: Delegated Access section and ensure the intended user is listed as a user you can help.
  2. Make sure that you are sending the receipt to receipts@expensify.com and you have only the email address of the person's account in the subject line (with no other text).
  3. Double-check that you did not send the receipt to concierge@expensify.com. Sometimes, email clients' contacts save our "Receipt Forwarder" email as this email address instead, which will not get your receipt to the correct place!
  4. It's possible that the receipt is in the account, but you are having trouble locating it. Try opening up the various date filters on the Expenses page to reflect the correct date. If the SmartScan failed or has not completed, the receipt will be located under the date it was forwarded. If the SmartScan has completed, you can find it under the purchase date of the receipt. Always check your Deleted folder too!

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