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I am new to Expensify and was really surprised to see that employee expenses don't automatically default to their assigned department. This seems like a really basic feature that all expense tools have. Seems inefficient to have every employee create their own rule for department default. Would be preferable to allow accounting to dictate this assignment. Major gap in my opinion.

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  • Amanda DeWittAmanda DeWitt Posts: 33Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach

    Hey there!

    If you use either Sage Intacct or NetSuite with Expensify, both of these integrations currently support Employee Defaults. This would allow the accounting platform to dictate what is entered based on the employee upon export.

    More information on this can be found here:

    Intacct Employee Defaults

    NetSuite Employee Defaults

    If you are not using either of these integrations, the only way to have expenses default to particular coding, would be for each user to set up their own Expense Rules.

  • mbathelmbathel Posts: 6Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer
    I agree it would be great to select a department within Expensify for employees.

    I think the integration only works if we have the employee time and expense module turned on within Intacct. I could be wrong, but I imagine many companies likely do not subscribe to this module within Intacct. 
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    Hey @mbathel

    I'm curious — what would be the reasons for a company deciding against using the Time and Expense module within Intacct? Any information you could share here would be useful — thanks!
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