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Ability to send messages to the Inbox of a card policy member from a domain admin account

kevin_britecore Expensify Customer Posts: 1


Our team uses Expensify to manage monthly expense reports for approximately 65 cardholders. We would find great value in being able to send each cardholder a message each month before they submit their reports letting cardholders know what their credit card spending should total for that month along with any other necessary memo for that month. For example, reminders of company policy regarding receipt requirements for expenses.

From an accounting stand point this would allow us to easily reconcile the credit card accounts once the data has been exported into our accounting software program. We believe this will also help increase the number of reports that are submitted with all the required information the first time around. This will streamline the process and reduce the amount of time cardholders and managers spend on monthly expense reports.

If anyone has any suggestions or a work-around for what we would like to accomplish we are all ears!

Thanks in advance!

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  • LaurenR_Expensify
    LaurenR_Expensify Expensify Team Posts: 86 Expensify Team

    Hi Kevin! Thanks for reaching out.

    As it stands, there's no way to send an automated custom monthly message to your team in Expensify. However, Concierge will reach out to via email to any user who have outstanding reports in their account.

    You can also use a combination of features within Expensify to prompt staff as they spend to add receipts. Within policy settings you can add a requirement for adding a receipt to an expense under Settings > Policies > Your Policy > Expenses.

    You can then also strictly enforce expense policy rules under your Group Settings if you have Domain Control enabled.

    Do you have a corporate card feed imported directly into Expensify? If you do, you might benefit from using the Reconciliation Dashboard to keep on top of the monthly reporting.

    I'd highly recommend attending the Company Card Webinar, as this specifically goes into the detail on company card import and reconciliation. You'll be able to learn about best practice for managing corporate cards in Expensify. You can also see past recorded webinars here.

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