How to: Set a manual reimbursement limit

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Setting a manual reimbursement limit allows Group Policy Admins to set a maximum amount for which reports can be automatically reimbursed. Reports under that limit can be automatically reimbursed, while reports over that limit will require a reimburser to click Reimburse via ACH.

Setting a manual reimbursement limit

  1. On your web account, navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reimbursement.
  2. In the Manual Reimbursement section, enter the manual reimbursement threshold.

Are you not seeing the Manual Reimbursement section on your policy? This setting only appears if there is a validated business bank account associated with the policy!

You'll want to make sure that a Policy Admin has added a business bank account so that employees can be reimbursed via ACH.

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