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Category drop down by user

RoseyAlveroRoseyAlvero Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

Would be great if categories could be customized by user. Some users don't need all the categories and if something is mis categorized, we have to catch it.

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  • Victoria O'learyVictoria O'leary Expensify Team Posts: 76 Expensify Team

    Hi @RoseyAlvero

    Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

    I can see how this might be really useful for some users! Although it's not currently on our roadmap, I encourage anyone who is interested in this functionality to also vote for the idea. And please don't forget to take a moment to vote for your own idea (I know that seems a bit funny, but it's just the way the system's designed).

    If you have any other ideas for improving your reporting processes within Expensify, please continue to add them in the Community!

  • Travis_WTravis_W Expensify Customer Posts: 15 Expensify Admirer

    I actually get this question all the time from clients. They ask if I can limit the categories that each user sees to those that relate to their department (and usually some other miscellaneous/general business categories). When I explain that in order to do that we would have to set up multiple policies, manage all those policies, etc, they aren't very interested. But I can imagine this would be very useful functionality for larger users, or users whose employees aren't exactly tech-saavy.

  • ChristineJChristineJ Expensify Customer Posts: 1
    edited November 2019

    we have multiple divisions with the same type of Cost but have Different GL codes. Eg sales- travel and Finance - Travel. So It frustring to check they have selected the correct code and also everytime has to scroll through a hundred GLs when on 5 are applicable to them. This function would be a real time saver.

    I have tried to upload GLs in the order of most used but it returns to alphabetical order. So my alternative is to use numbers in the descriptions. Again this new idea would help with this.

  • R_NaugleR_Naugle Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    Would love to see this implemented in the future. As Travis mentioned, our current plans for doing this is to create many policies. However, managing a bunch of policies is not something we're excited about in our department.

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