Employee Training Webinar - FAQs

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Here's a selection of common questions from our Employee Training Webinar!

Can I forward receipts from my gmail? 

Yes, you can add any additional email addresses, such as a personal email, as a Secondary Login under Settings > Account > Account Details. Once you have done this, you can forward receipts to receipts@expensify.com from that mailbox

Will this app recognize and notify me of duplicate receipts?

Yes, if you SmartScan an expense for the same amount on the same day it will be detected and deleted. If you appear to have any duplicate expense still, we’ll flag it for review.

Will SmartScan know what currency I’m using when I travel?

Yes, but you will need Location Services enabled, and also snap your receipt in the country of origin!

Why do some of my receipts say ‘SmartScan Failed?’

SmartScans generally fail because the Merchant name, date or amount can’t clearly be seen. If you can see all of these things clearly, you can always try to SmartScan a second time and try your luck. If it fails again you might need to snap the receipt again. You can fill out the details manually, but note that this will mean no auto-merge with credit card expenses.

Sometimes my GPS gives me a straight line on mileage in the mobile app. How do I fix this?

This can mean your GPS dropped out mid-trip. You can recreate your trip using the ‘Create from Map’ option in the Expensify web app!

Can I code my expenses in bulk?

Yes, from the Expenses page in the web app you can select and Edit in bulk! You can also edit in-line. If you want certain expenses to always be coded in a certain way, you can set up an Expense Rule under Settings > Account > Expense Rules.

Is there a way to just see how much I have spent on X in a month?

Yes, you can use the Expenses page and filter by date, and use the Analytics view or also filter by category. You can even Select All and export to CSV if you want to do in-depth analysis!

If I delete a report, can I get it back?

No, but when you delete a report, the expenses will just become Unreported in your Expenses page, so you can filter by status select all and add to a new report. If you delete the expenses themselves, you can restore them by toggling on the Deleted filter on the Expenses page.

Can my Admin see all of my expenses?

No, your Policy Admin can only see expenses on a report under the company’s Policy. A Domain Admin can see all company card expenses. So if you have Unreported Cash expenses, and you need help from your Admin, you’ll need to invite them to be a Copilot under Settings > Account > Account Details.

Can I add my credit card to get the transactions?

If you have a corporate credit card, you’ll want to wait for your Admin to set this up and assign it to you. But if you have a small business or personal credit card, you can import this into your personal settings under Settings > Account > Credit Card Import. Note that ALL transactions will import, so if you import a personal card and your company uses Scheduled Submit, you could end up with your entire statement submitted if you’re not careful!

What if I only want to import some card transactions?

You can import a selection of transactions by downloading a CSV file from your bank and removing the rows you don’t want, then import into the Credit Card Import page. This is also a good method if we don’t support your bank! 

Do I have to wait for my card transactions to import before I can snap my receipt?

No, not at all, the card expenses will auto-merge with the SmartScanned receipt automatically!

I am getting this message: A Awaiting merge with imported card transaction. How do I fix it?

This means you have a credit card importing into your account, and we are assuming the receipt is for a transaction which has not imported yet. If this is a genuine cash expense you can ‘mark as cash’.

Why does it say I need to add a card for billing, when my company pays the bill?

Sounds like you might have accidentally created your own Group Policy, you’ll want to delete this from Settings > Policies > Group. But make sure you reopen and move any Closed reports if you have some on that Policy, before you delete the Policy or you’ll lock those reports!

Do I still have to pay for the app with Apple?

No, if your company has invited you to a Group Policy, you won’t need your personal subscription via Apple or Google Play any longer.