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Ability to Separate Reports by Credit Card

Sam_KumarSam_Kumar Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

Our organization has employees with multiple corporate credit cards. We are looking for the ability to have Expensify separate each card into a different report, and allow the report title to reflect the last four digits of the card number. This would make it a lot easier for our employees and AP users submitting reports.

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  • Karisa LattaKarisa Latta Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 147 Expensify Team
    Hey @Sam_Kumar !

    Are your cards connected via a Company Card connection? If so, you can apply a Preferred Policy in the Company Cards > Settings to help segregate your data. This only creates separate reports if you have more than one policy, though.

    Can you help me understand your need here better? Ideally, the report is an arbitrary collection place for company card purchases that allows you to export the data to an accounting package. You can use our Reconciliation Dashboard to run any month-end/statement analysis. This is actually preferred since reports can accidentally be missing/lacking expense data.

    I look forward to your reply!
  • Sam_KumarSam_Kumar Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

    Our cards are connected via a company card connection, and we have a separate policy for credit cards. We have users that have both a corporate VISA and AMEX on this policy, and we would want Expensify to create a separate report for the VISA transactions and the AMEX transactions if possible. This makes it easier when people are submitting reports, and reviewing reports. 
  • Mark LouisMark Louis Expensify Team Posts: 95 Expensify Team
    Hi @Sam_Kumar – you could have a separate policy for each card, and then apply that policy as the Preferred Policy as mentioned above.
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