Why are rules no longer working for mileage reimbursement?

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I had been using the same rule for nearly a year since I started using Expensify to apply changes to mileage expenses automatically. Some time around June or July this stopped working and no matter what I specify in my new filter for the expression to match against the "Merchant Name" field, it refuses to work.

Are there any other wildcards other than the complete shotgun, "change every expense" approach of using . ?

When I input my mileage, I use New Expense -> Distance -> Manually Create.

I specify the number of miles and hit Save.

Once it is saved, the Merchant Name field is automatically generated to show "x mi @ $0.50 / mi" with x being the number of miles I typed in.

Previously, my rule worked fine at automatically detecting this. It was set to match "mi @ $0.50 / mi". It would properly set the following fields for me: Category, Account, Department, Office, and Description.

Sometime around June 2019 it has not worked and I have tried numerous different merchant name expressions for the rule to match with no luck. It's getting very annoying scrolling through all of the selections for the 4 additional fields that I am required to specify just to add each reimbursable mileage expense. What used to take me under 10 minutes is now being drawn out to 30-60 minutes on a bi-weekly basis.

Recently I started putting them all in and then taking the several extra steps and page loads to get to my rules to "edit" the broken mileage rule I specified and I click "Preview Matching Expenses" (yes, it matches all of them, so why doesn't it match them in the first place as I enter them?), then "Apply to existing matching expenses" and hit "Save Rule". Definitely a roundabout way to accomplish what is coined as an automated filter and definitely broken.

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas or help.

Thank you!


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