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Recent Update as Optional Feature: Expensify Reports are Locked after Export

Andrea_CreelAndrea_Creel Expensify Customer Posts: 1
I was just informed by the Expensify concierge that a recent update now locks reports in Expensify after they are exported to an accounting integration "to ensure that data is preserved." While we understand the logic behind this decision, it really puts my company in a bind and requires that we now come up with a whole new system. Currently, we close out our finances on a monthly basis, but may not bill clients for expenses until after the event (which may be a month or two down the line, e.g., airfare). We then mark exported reports as Reimbursed to avoid duplicate exporting. However, along the way there may be cosmetic changes that need to be done to older reports, such as in the title or comments, before we submit them to clients. Until now, we've been able to "unapprove" these reports, make the changes, re-approve them, and create new pdfs. This is no longer possible. It seems that this is a feature that should have been developed as something that is optional for each company.This won't help us in the short-term, but please consider making it optional in a future update. In general, it would be preferable for more features to be optional, than not. 
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We've removed this restriction unless you are using the Expensify Card with QBO auto-reconciliation.


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