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Set up Tax Groups (only required if tracking taxes)

Expensify imports NetSuite Tax Groups (not Tax Codes), which you can find in NetSuite under Setup > Accounting > Tax Groups.

Tax Groups are an alias for Tax Codes in NetSuite and can contain one or more Tax Codes. 
Note: For UK and Ireland subsidiaries, please ensure your Tax Groups do not have more than one Tax Code.

We recommend naming Tax Groups so they are easily understood by your employees. Both the name and rate will display in Expensify.

Before trying to import NetSuite Tax Groups into Expensify, first:

  1. Create your Tax Groups in NetSuite by going to Setup > Accounting > Tax Groups. Click New, then select the country for your Tax Group. Enter the Tax Name (this will be displayed to employees in Expensify), and then select the subsidiary for this Tax Group. Finally, from the table select the Tax Code you wish to include in this Tax Group, click Add and finally, click Save.

  2. Create one NetSuite Tax Group for each tax rate that you want available in Expensify.

  3. Ensure Tax Groups can be applied to expenses by going to Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes and set the Tax Code Lists Include preference to "Tax Groups And Tax Codes" or "Tax Groups Only". If this field does not display, don't worry! This just means it does not need to be set for that country.

For some locations, NetSuite has a default list of tax groups available but you can add your own and we will import those as well. DO NOT inactivate the NetSuite defaults as we use specific ones to export certain types of expenses. 

For instance the Canadian default tax group CA-Zero is used when we export mileage and per diem expenses that don't have tax applied to them within Expensify. Not having this group active in NetSuite will cause export errors. 

Some tax nexuses in NetSuite also have a couple of settings that have to be set to work correctly with the Expensify integration.

The field Tax Code Lists Include needs to be set to either Tax Groups or Tax Groups and Tax Codes. 

The Tax Rounding Method field needs to be set to Round Off. While this won't cause errors with the connection, it can cause a difference in the amounts exported to NetSuite.

For more information on our tax tracking feature click here

If your tax groups are importing into Expensify but not exporting back to NetSuite, make sure each tax group has the correct subsidiaries enabled.