Advance Approval Setup for a Small Team

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Dear Expensify Community,

I am in a small startup that we only have 7 people. I am the only finance/accountant on the team. I reports to CEO, and I am the final approve for all other employee's expense reports after CEO approves them.  it means my expense report will go to my CEO first and circle back to me for the final approval. What's the best way to set this up? Your help is appreciated.

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  • Jeremy Boniface
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    Hi Elaine!

    The best way to handle this type of workflow is by enabling Advanced Approval. This setting can seem a bit complicated at first glance, so I'd recommend checking out our guide and our detailed example.

    To answer a bit more specifically, in this setup you'd want to have your CEO in all of your users' Submits to fields. Then, in your CEO's entry in the Policy Members table, add your own email as the Approves to.

    This means that all employees submit to the CEO, then the CEO approves to you. As long as your Approves to field is blank, you'll be able to final approve reports. 

    If you end up having more questions, feel free to write into, and we can dig into the specifics a bit further!