Should we enable Scheduled Submit at policy level?

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Hi all,

We went live last week and are trying to tweak settings based on user feedback.

We previously used a T&E system that required the users to manually submit expense reports. In launching Expensify, we enabled weekly Scheduled Submit at the policy level.

We have already had a few users push back on Scheduled Submit as they prefer to aggregate all of their receipts into one report (e.g., per trip) and then submit them together. They get frustrated as they claim that they don't know what receipts have/not been submitted. I am not sure I understand this frustration. I would personally destroy the receipt upon upload so I know what still needs to be scanned.

What has been your organization's experience with Scheduled Submit settings?

Have you had a better experience disabling Scheduled Submit at the policy level and then letting employees know that they can enable this as individuals? Are there downsides to this?



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