Deep Dive: Helpful keyboard shortcuts to use in Expensify

Rachael Hopkins
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If you're a touch-typist, you may find that keyboard shortcuts make things faster! Or, sometimes it's just easier to remember a few commands. There are a number of shortcuts available in Expensify, let's check them out!

  • Shift + ? - Opens the keyboard shortcuts dialog
  • Shift + G - Prompts you for a reportID and takes you to the report page of the report with the given ID
  • ESC - Closes any shortcut dialog window
  • Ctrl+Enter - From the comment field in the Report History & Comments section, submit a comment on a report.
  • Shift + P - Takes you to the report’s policy when you’re on a report
  • Shift + → - Go to the next report
  • Shift + ← - Go to the previous report
  • Shift + R - Reloads the current page
Note: If you use Ctrl + F to jump to a report and it says 'Report Not Found' chances are the report is not shared with you.

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