FAQ - NetSuite: Reports Exporting as 'Accounting Approved' Instead of 'Paid in Full'

Sonia Liapounova
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This can occur for two reasons: 

Cause: This error occurs when locations, classes, or departments are required in your accounting classifications but on the preferred bill payment form but are not marked as 'Show'.  

Solution: In NetSuite, please go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms and find your Preferred (checkmark) Bill Payment form. Please Edit or Customize this form and under the Screen Fields > Main tab check 'show' near the department, class, and location options.

Cause: This can also be caused if the incorrect settings are applied in the policy configurations in Expensify.

Solution: Ensure that the Expensify policy configuration settings for NetSuite are:

  • Config > Advanced > Sync Reimbursed Reports enabled and payment account chosen
  • Config > Advanced > Journal Entry Approval Level = Approved for Posting
  • Config > Advanced > A/P Approval Account - Must match the current account being used for bill payment.

To make sure the A/P Approval Account matches the account in NetSuite, go into your bill/expense report that is causing the error and click ‘Make Payment’

This account needs to match the account selected in your Expensify configuration.

Please make sure that this is also the account selected on the expense report by looking at the expense report list: