Deep Dive: What is the Concierge Weekly Reminder email?

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What is the reminder email?

The reminder email is a weekly note sent by Concierge. It's designed to remind admins and employees that reports are awaiting their action. 

Concierge tracks the following tasks, covering all of the various report states:

  • Open reports that need to be submitted
  • Open reports with violations that need to be fixed
  • Processing reports that are awaiting approval
  • Approved reports awaiting reimbursement¹
  • Reports that are awaiting export to your accounting software²

¹These reminders are only sent to users set as their policy's reimburser, which is a role available to Policy Admins using Expensify reimbursements in the US or Australia.
²These reminders are only sent to users set as their policy's 
preferred exporter, which is a role available to Policy Admins using an accounting integration with Expensify.

Each week, after Concierge determines which tasks need your attention, you'll receive an email like this one:

How does Concierge know which actions are outstanding?

Concierge looks for reports that are being tracked in your Inbox. Look for the task that says "Here's the list of reports that need your attention."

Any reports present here are awaiting some action by you. This is the de facto to-do list within Expensify. 

How to resolve outstanding tasks

If you receive a reminder email, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the hyperlink in the body of the email to jump directly to your Inbox
  2. Look for the task titled "Here's the list of reports that need your attention", and expand it.
  3.  Click on the buttons (such as "Submit", "Fix", or "Final Approve") next to each line item to resolve each outstanding task. 

Note that if you don't see any reports in this Inbox task at the end of the week, no reports are directly awaiting your action. This means you won't receive a reminder email at all for the current week. And if you have many reports that require your attention, you may need to take action on some of the reports shown to display the next ones in the queue 👍

When to expect weekly reminders

Weekly reminders are generated over the weekend, typically on Saturday or Sunday. That way, when you start your week, you'll have a nice digest of actionable items waiting for you to dive into.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Q: How do I turn off reminder emails?

This email is an extension of Concierge, and Concierge can't be disabled. If you want to avoid the reminder, the best method is to make sure all of your outstanding tasks are completed!

Q: Reminders are nice, but the timing doesn't fit my desired workflow. How do I customize reminders?

There isn't currently a way to adjust the timing of reminders, so expect them weekly for now. That being said, we're looking into ways to build in greater control over reminders for both admins and employees alike.