Deep Dive: The Monthly Subscription, is it right for me?

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When you SmartScan a receipt, we’ll read the MerchantDate and Amount of the transaction, create an expense, and add it to your Expensify account automatically. By default, all Expensify users have access to 25 free SmartScans per month.

What is the Monthly Subscription?

With the Monthly Subscription, you gain unlimited access to SmartScans. No need to spend time rationing SmartScans or manually entering in receipt data; let us do the work for you! The Monthly Subscription is compatible with the Submit or Track policy plan types but not the Collect or Control policy plan types.


So, how much does it cost to gain easy access to unlimited SmartScans? You can learn more about the Monthly Subscription on our pricing page

While purchasing the subscription from the Web or via Android, you'll be able to select your desired billing currency while entering your billing information. 

For iOS users, the home currency set for your particular Apple ID will be taken into account during purchase. 

Managing your Subscription

Web and Android: When you purchase the subscription from the Web or from an Android device, you’ll be prompted to enter your billing information right away. 

Once you’ve completed the purchase, you can view or cancel your subscription at any time by heading to Settings > Policies > Individual > Subscription > Show Details:

iOS: If you have an iOS device, you'll be directed to purchase the subscription directly from the App Store. Unlike Web and Android purchases, the Monthly Subscription is managed (including cancelation) from within the App Store, and not within the Expensify app. You can learn how to manage iTunes and App Store Subscriptions here.

The date you purchase the subscription is the date the subscription will automatically renew the following month. For example, if you purchase the subscription on September 7th, it'll renew the following month on October 7th.

If you no longer need unlimited SmartScans, you're free to cancel your subscription at any point during the month. If you do cancel, keep in mind that your subscription (and your ability to SmartScan) will continue until the last day of the billing cycle.

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