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Deep Dive: What are eReceipts?

Sheena Trepanier
Sheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,349 Expensify Team
edited June 22 in Deep Dive Docs
Let's take a closer look at what exactly eReceipts are and learn a bit more about the most important information regarding them.

This feature is available to:

Personal credit card users

Company Card users

Expensify Card users

What are eReceipts? 

eReceipts are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases. This means you can ignore paper receipts entirely, no typing, and no SmartScanning required.

For all cardholder types listed above, an eReceipt will be created for purchases of $75 or less. 

Important notes

  • eReceipts are only provided for automatically imported transactions that are in US Dollars.
  • These can be imported directly from your bank account, but will not import for a CSV/OFX imported file of bank transactions.
  • We will not generate an eReceipt for lodging expenses. 
  • Many banks do not provide complete or accurate category information, so we might at times misidentify merchants and erroneously generate an invalid eReceipt for hotel purchases. Similarly, you are free to re-categorize expenses, possibly causing us to generate an invalid eReceipt for a purchase made at a hotel. In either case, our Expensify eReceipt Guarantee does not cover purchases of lodging at hotels and motels.
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