Deep Dive: How the Gusto connection works to save your HR team hours each month!

Katie Oswalt
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Gusto and Expensify can save your team time by working together!

Connect to your Gusto account, and Expensify will be updated to reflect any changes that you or your team makes in Gusto. The integration takes only a few minutes to set up and is ready out-of-the-box.

Expensify's direct integration with Gusto will automatically:

  • Provision Expensify accounts for all full-time, active employees as soon as they're hired. 
  • Update the approval workflow in Expensify based on any changes in Gusto.
  • Deprovision employees’ Expensify accounts upon their termination date. 

Important Notes

  • You'll need to be an admin in Gusto and a Policy Admin in Expensify to set up the integration.
  • You must have a Control or Collect policy in Expensify to integrate with Gusto. If you aren’t already on a Control or Collect policy then no worries, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade during setup
  • Every employee record in Gusto must have an email address, since that’s how each employee will sign into Expensify. 
  • Gusto will add all employees to one Expensify policy. If your company uses multiple Expensify policies, you'll have the option to choose which policy to connect during the setup process.
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