Ability to pull GL Codes from NetSuite

bgo_555bgo_555 Posts: 3Expensify Customer
Spoke with Concierge Team and it appears the only way GL codes can be synced to Expensify is if they're listed in the title. Not sure if this is a system limitation or a setup issue from a back-end developer's perspective but it would be nice to have the GL codes appear in Expensify (especially since the field is listed on the Categories section).
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  • Greg SchroederGreg Schroeder Posts: 23Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
    edited November 21
    Hi @bgo_555! That’s correct - if you want GL codes to show up in Expensify, you’ll need to include them in the title of the category. This is the case for all direct integrations.

    Reason being, the majority of the time these codes are used when reports are exported via CSV to accommodate a non-direct integration or to perform analytics. Given that the majority of end users don’t need to see GL codes when coding expenses, facilitating GL code import would mostly be for the benefits of admins and the accounting department.

    Furthermore, for NetSuite in particular, expense categories don’t have GL codes, and those are what we pull in as categories via the NetSuite integration. So it’s also a system requirement in the NS use case.

    Hope that helps!
  • bgo_555bgo_555 Posts: 3Expensify Customer
    Thanks Greg! Appreciate the explanation and it was merely a suggestion.
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