Ability to Subtotal catagory/tags on reports

JBPanagoJBPanago Posts: 2Expensify Customer
It's useful to be able to pull the total of all expense reports in the report builder, but it would be also useful if you could subtotal by category/gl code or tag so that you can create more useful reports for seeing expenses per different categorization. 
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  • Amanda DeWittAmanda DeWitt Posts: 33Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
    Hey @JBPanago!

    You can currently see totals by category when using the Pie Chart view on your Expenses page. 

    To the right of the Expenses page above the filters, you will see the following view icons:

    When you click on the Pie Chart, you should see a Pie Chart reflecting average spend per category and will see a total breakdown below it.

    Does this fit your needs, or are you looking for something different? 
  • JBPanagoJBPanago Posts: 2Expensify Customer
    No, that isn't what I'm referencing.  I'm not talking about individual reporting. From the admin function, where you can pull reports on the expense reports submitted under a policy, that is where I was talking about getting category subtotals in an excel or CSV file as an export. 
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