Deep Dive: Managing your imported personal bank/card transaction spreadsheets

Katie Oswalt
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Managing your spreadsheet imports

If you have ever manually imported your personal credit card or bank transactions, these CSV files will appear as so in your Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import: 

  • Here, you can rename the account as well as decide whether these transactions should be reimbursable or non-reimbursable by default. 
  • If you need to remove an imported spreadsheet, you can select the red trash can iconPlease remember this will remove all unreported and unsubmitted transactions from your account that are tied to this import, so be careful! 

Troubleshooting and FAQ:

I'm not able to see the transactions I have imported when I click "View expenses". Why?

If you aren't able to see the expenses, try using the filters at the top of the Expenses screen to open up search criteria (such as the date) which often reveals "missing" expenses.

Why didn't my spreadsheet transactions merge with the SmartScanned receipts or receipts that I emailed to

Our merge troubleshooting guide should help resolve this! Please remember though that these imported transactions, despite showing a cash icon, are treated "behind the scenes" as credit card transactions. This means you will not be able to merge these with other card transactions that show a card or card and lock icon. They can only be merged with SmartScanned or manually created expenses.