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Deep Dive - Configure Advanced Settings for Xero

Katie Oswalt
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When configuring your settings for Xero, the third tab labeled "Advanced" is where you can change additional settings beyond Exporting and Coding. Already set up and want to go back? This can be found by going to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Connections > Configure.

Auto Sync 

How does Auto Sync work?

As long as this setting is enabled, when a non-reimbursable report is final approved in Expensify, we will automatically queue it for export to Xero. However, if a business bank account has been added for ACH reimbursement, any reimbursable expenses will be automatically exported to Xero when the report is either marked as reimbursed or enabled for reimbursement. 

What happens if the report can't be exported to Xero automatically?

There are a number of reasons why your reports may fail to export to Xero. The Technical Contact will receive an email outlining the issue and any specific error messages will be commented at the bottom of the report.

The report will also be placed in the preferred exporter’s Inbox, where they can fix any issues. Need any help? Search for the error in the Community to find steps to fix!

How can I make sure that I final approve reports before they're exported to Xero?

You'll want to make sure that your policies are set up with the correct workflow so that they are reviewed by the appropriate users in Expensify before exporting to Xero. 

You may also want to change your policy settings to strictly enforce expense policy workflows, as this will make sure that your policy's workflow is always followed. Otherwise, this flow will be followed by default, but employees will be able to alter the person they submit their reports to.

If I enable Auto Sync, what happens to existing approved and reimbursed reports?

If your policy has been connected to Xero with Auto Sync disabled, you can safely turn on Auto Sync without affecting existing reports which have not been exported.

  • If a report has been exported to Xero and reimbursed via ACH or marked as reimbursed in Expensify, we'll automatically mark it as paid in Xero during the next sync
  • If a report has been exported to Xero and marked as paid in Xero, we'll automatically mark it as reimbursed in Expensify during the next sync
  • If a report has not been exported to Xero, it will not be exported to Xero automatically

Newly imported categories should be enabled/disabled 

This controls the status of new categories. Based on this control, new categories imported from Xero to Expensify with be either enabled or disabled by default, (which means that they will either be visible or not visible when employees categorize their expenses).

Set purchase bill status (optional)

This allows you to select purchase bills to appear as one of the following:

  • Draft
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Awaiting Payment

Sync Reimbursed Reports

This setting allows you to sync the report status between Expensify and Xero. If you reimburse a report via ACH direct deposit within Expensify, the purchase bill will be marked as paid in Xero, and reimbursed in Expensify. You'll also want to select an account in Xero to post the corresponding bill payment.