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My goal is to show the chart of account codes when report categories are selected.

You can see in the first photo we use a sage Intacct integration. The second photo (how I want it) we use a QBO integration.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.


  • Conor Pendergrast
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    Hiya! To include the GL account numbers from Sage Intacct, I believe you would need to adjust the Chart of Accounts names within Sage Intacct. 

    Can you give a little more context on why you would need that? From our experience, employees will rarely know a GL account number, and adding them in provides more work to them in understanding what they need to do (especially compared to the simplicity of "Cafes Sales", or "Campus Marketing"). Thanks so much! 
  • coltonshaw06
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    We have actually found the reverse to be true in our organization. Our COA includes 220 accounts with each department responsible for a set of accounts. With the GL Numbers, they are able to view these in an ordered manner and able to make better decisions on what account the transaction belongs to.

    When I just have a list of accounts in alphabetical order, they will not choose the correct account unless they remember it, they will only choose the name they can remember and with no ability to see if that account actually falls in their department, they grossly miscategorize transactions. 

    So, in practice for the example above they only have to know "Outreach starts at 7000's" but on alphabetical one they have to know the exact account they're looking for to know the right way to code it. 

    To speak to the proposed solution, adding numbers to our GL it would look like "7000--7000 Outreach" which disables a considerable amount of functionality within sage. This information is already passed to Expensify, we can see this to be true when i have two accounts with the same name it's passed like "Outreach (7000)". What I would love to see is the GL to be in front of the named account so these are in numerical order.

    Please let me know if this makes sense. 
  • April Bekkala
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    If you'd like to give your employees the ability to see GL numbers within the Category dropdown you can edit the name from the policy settings to include the number. 

    Just go to Settings > Policies > Group > [Company Policy Name] > Categories > click [Edit Rules] next to the category name

    This allows you to edit 
    the name of the category - meaning, you can input the GL number in front of the category name. 
  • coltonshaw06
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    @April Bekkala, Thank you for this input. I was hoping for a more streamlined approach because that would require us to manually edit 200+ categories.