Deep Dive: What is Concierge Audit and why would I use it?

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What is Concierge Receipt Audit?

Concierge Receipt Audit is realtime audit and compliance of receipts submitted by employees and policy users. Concierge checks every receipt for accuracy and compliance, flagging any expenses that seem fishy before expense reports are even submitted for approval. All risky expenses are highlighted for manual review, leaving you with more control over and visibility into employee expenses. When a report is submitted and there are risky expenses on it, you will be immediately prompted to review the risky expenses and determine the next steps. 

Why would I use it?

  • To make sure you don't miss any risky expenses that need human oversight.
  • To avoid needing to manually review all your company receipts.
  • It's included for free with the Control Plan.
  • Instead of paying someone to audit your company expenses or being concerned that your expenses might be audited by a government agency.
  • It's easy to use! Concierge will alert you to the risky expense and present it to you in an easy to follow review tutorial.
  • In addition to the risky expense alerts, Expensify will include a Note with audit details on every report.  
Side note, if a report has audit alerts on it, you'll need to Review the report and Accept the alerts before it can be approved. 

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