Deep Dive: Understanding a report's history and finding comments on a report

Amanda DeWitt
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Need to check out the history of a report? A full audit trail of any report, complete with any comments added at any point, is available at the bottom of the reports page (on the website only). This is a great place to see when a report was submitted, exported, or even reimbursed! 

Report History

At the bottom of submitted expense reports, you will see a log of every action taken on the report. 

Report actions include: 

  • Report submission
  • Report approvals
  • Report & expense rejections
  • Changes made to expenses by approvers and admins
  • Changes made to Report Fields by approvers and admins
  • Automated steps (by Concierge)

Report Comments

Report comments allow users (employees, approvers, administrators) to communicate about the expense report. Anyone with permission to view the report can add comments. 

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