Deep Dive: Setting approval limits when using an Advanced Approval workflow

Katie Oswalt
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If your reports have to go through an extra level of approval when they're over a certain amount, you can set an approval limit dependent on the report's total. Note that you will need to be using Advanced Approval in order to use this setting.

An example of when you would use this: 

  1. The submitter's manager can approve any report up to a certain limit, let's say $500, and forward it to accounting.
  2. However, if a report is over that $500 limit, it also needs to be approved by the department head before being forwarded to accounting.
To set this up, click on Settings next to the approving manager's email address and set the "If Report Total is Over" and "Then Approves to" fields.

Approval Limit Example

  1. Charlie creates a report for $700 and submits it to Jake. To see what happens next, we need to look at Jake's Details.
  2. Jake is set up to approve and forward any reports over $500 to Sonia. Since Charlie's report total is over the limit ($500.00), when Jake approves the report it is forwarded to Sonia for additional approval. (If the report total was under the limit, Jake would be the final approver and would not forward the report.)
  3. We now check Sonia's Details. She does not have any Approves to [...] settings set up so she is the final approver. So she final approves the report and it is now ready for reimbursement and/or export to an accounting system.

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