Deep Dive: Letting SmartScan do the work for you best practice

Christina Dobryzynski
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Best Practices
SmartScan is designed as a 'set it and forget it' feature. Once you SmartScan a receipt on the mobile app you don't need to keep the app open. Just SmartScan and forget it!
Here's what I recommend:
  • As soon as you make a purchase, get in the habit of immediately SmartScanning a paper receipt and forwarding digital receipts to
  • You don't need to keep the mobile app or the web browser open until the SmartScan is complete - just scan the receipt and move on with your day!
  • SmartScan associates a receipt sent to to your Expensify logins. Make sure all the email addresses you use are included in your Expensify account. You can add them as a secondary login
  • Enable Scheduled Submit on your Individual Policy so your SmartScanned expenses will automatically add to an Open Report. If you want, you can also enable a frequency at which those Open reports will be sent to a manager for approval. 
    Side Note: if you are part of a Group Policy with Scheduled Submit enabled, your reports will submit at the frequency designated by the policy admin. If your policy admin doesn't have this enabled, I recommend reaching out to them and suggesting it! 
  • Even if you use a company card or personal credit card connected to your account, continue to SmartScan the paper receipts. SmartScan will merge the two expenses once they are imported into your Expenses page. 
Pro-tip for all you copilots out there! 
If you are forwarding a digital receipt to the account you are copiloting into; 
  • Forward the digital receipt from your email address but make sure to add the email address of the account owner to the Subject Line (I recommend as the only thing in the Subject Line). This will help SmartScan associate the receipt to the account you are copiloting into.