How do you remove expenses from a report using the Browers version(

RalphC Expensify Customer Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer
  • There are expense attached to a report that belong to a different report (different monthly report).
  • On the online version, I click on the expense. It opens the "edit expense" window and there is no "remove" expense operation available.
  • The expense need to be REMOVED (not deleted) from a report.
  • The expense needs to ADDED to a different report.

    Note: We do monthly reports. The expense was added to the report by selecting "expenses", filtering based on days, selecting all and click on "Add to report". The select by date always picks up transactions outside the date range.

    Please help. Thank you


  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    edited November 2019
    Welcome to the ExpensifyCommunity, @RalphC! I'm more than happy to help!

    There are two ways to move an expense to a different report on the browser app.
    You can move an expense from any Open report by changing the Report within the expense details. 

    Or, by deleting the expense from a report through the following steps:  
    • Click the red "X" to the left of the expense (please note this will only remove the expense from a report and not permanently delete the expense).
    • Use the filters on the Expense page to display all Unreported expenses > select the expense.
    • Click Add to Report in the upper right corner of the page and select the new report from the dropdown list. 

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else! 

  • Renee_Moore
    Renee_Moore Approved! Accountant Posts: 1
    I don't see a red "x" next to my expenses when I view the open report.... help!

  • RalphC
    RalphC Expensify Customer Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer
    Hey Renee, The red X only appears if expensify identifies a possible conflict (dup, no receipt, etc).

    I was asking the question... how do you move an expense to a different report. For that purpose the red X is not relevant EXCEPT to delete it from report.

    Note: When you delete it, the expense drops and creates an additional report. Which becomes painful as you accumulate one report for each deleted item. I suggest... create a report and then move the item to created report until you are ready to deal with it.

  • Cheryl Walsh
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    Hi @RalphC, just to clarify the red X deletes an expense from a report. The red ! flags a possible duplicate expense or violation. 
    As mentioned above, the best way to move an expense from one Open report to another is by changing the Report within the expense details using the drop-down menu. Hope this helps! 
  • Harloon
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    Is there a way to mass move expenses from one report to another? Going into each expense when there are dozens or hundreds is not ideal.