Deep Dive: The ins and outs of setting up the Egencia connection

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Expensify has a direct integration with Egencia that allows you to receive booking receipts into your Expenses page. As with all Expensify integrations, this integration is a fantastic way to streamline the way you use Expensify because it creates a direct feed from your Egencia account into Expensify.

Hold on, what is an Egencia feed? This is a feed of all your travel management activities with Egencia.

Who controls the feed? The feed is entirely controlled by Egencia which means that if you want to enable or disable the connection, you will need to reach out directly to Egencia. 

What does an Egencia expense look like? The receipt itinerary will automatically be sent to the traveler's Trips section and the expense details will post in their Expensify account. If the credit card that the traveler used to purchase their travel via Egencia is connected to their Expensify account, this receipt will automatically merge with the credit card transaction.

Can I set up the feed to handle one central purchasing account?
Absolutely! If your Egencia feed is already established, and you want all Egencia receipts to now be sent to one central purchasing account, we can help!

  • Reach out to letting us know the Expensify account you want all Egencia receipts sent to and we'll be happy to help. 
Once Concierge enables the Egencia central account, receipts will be sent to both the traveler as well as the central account. The receipt being sent to the traveler is a "reservation expense". Reservation expenses are non-reimbursable and won't be included in any direct integration exports. The reservation sent to the traveler's account is added to their mobile app Trips feature.

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