Deep Dive: Expense types in Expensify

Mark Louis
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Ok, so you know what an expense is. But as you use Expensify, you'll notice not all expenses are the same. Let's take a look at some of the different types of expenses and terminology you'll encounter in Expensify.

Billable Expenses: These are expenses that you or your employees incur that need to be re-billed to a specific client or vendor. If you need to track expenses for the purpose of billing them to customers, clients or other departments, this may be the option you're looking for.
Reimbursable Expenses: These are expenses that are owed back, such as an out-of-pocket business expense that an employee incurred.
Non-reimbursable Expenses: Well, now, these would be the opposite of reimbursable expenses  ;) – that is, expenses that are not owed back (think corporate card).
Time-based Expenses: These are expenses were customers/jobs are billed based on an hourly rate that can be set in Expensify. This feature is available with company policies.
Mileage or Distance Expenses: These are often used by employees who receive reimbursement for traveling for work.

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