Deep Dive - Duplicate Detection: What is it and how it works!

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Duplicate detection is functionality built into every Expensify account. It works behind the scenes to identify duplicate expenses before they are submitted, warning employees when they exist. 

If a duplicate expense is submitted, the same warning will be shown to the approver responsible for reviewing the report. 

Some helpful tips...

If two expenses are SmartScanned on the same day for the same amount, they will be flagged as duplicate unless:
  1. The expenses were split from a single expense, 
  2. The expenses were imported from a credit card, or
  3. Matching email receipts sent to were received with different timestamps. 
If Concierge lets you know it's flagged a receipt as a duplicate, scanning the receipt again will trigger the same duplicate flagging. 

But maybe I needed that receipt, Concierge!

If you do need to recover this receipt, not to worry - you have the ability to undelete it! To undelete an expense: 

  1. Log into your web account and navigate to the Expenses page 
  2. Use the filters to search for deleted expenses by selecting the "Deleted" filter 
  3. Select the checkbox next to the expenses you want to restore 
  4. Click the Undelete button and you're all set.

Expensify users have the ability to resolve duplicates by either deleting the duplicated transactions, merging them, or ignoring them (if they are legitimately separate expenses of the same date and amount).  

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