Deep Dive: Configure Advanced Settings for QuickBooks Online

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The advanced settings are where functionality for automating and customizing the QuickBooks Online integration can be enabled.

Navigate to this section of your policy by following   Settings > Policies > Group [Policy Name] > Connections > Configure button > Advanced tab.

Auto Sync

How does auto-sync work?

With auto-sync for QuickBooks Online, when a non-reimbursable report is final approved in Expensify, we will automatically queue it for export to QuickBooks Online. However, if a business bank account has been added for ACH reimbursement, any reimbursable expenses will be auto-synced to QuickBooks Online when the report is either marked as reimbursed or enabled for reimbursement. 

What happens if the report can't be exported to QuickBooks Online automatically?

There are a number of reasons why your reports may fail to export to QuickBooks Online. Before, the preferred exporter would receive an email, outlining the issue and any specific error messages. Now, any error messages preventing the export from taking place will also be placed in the report's history section of the report. 

The report will also be placed in the preferred exporter’s Inbox, where they can fix any issues. Need any help? Check out our QBO Export Errors page and export manually.

How can I make sure that I final approve reports before they're exported to QuickBooks Online?

You'll want to make sure that your policies are set up with the correct workflow, so that they are reviewed by the appropriate people within Expensify before exporting to QuickBooks Online. We have some examples of workflow in our Community, to help guide you through defining your own workflow.

You may also want to change your policy settings to strictly enforce expense policy workflows, as this will make sure that your policy's workflow is always followed.

If I enable Auto Sync, what happens to existing approved and reimbursed reports? 

If your policy has been connected to QuickBooks Online with Auto Sync disabled, you can safely turn on Auto Sync without affecting existing reports which have not been exported.

  • If a report has been exported to QuickBooks Online and reimbursed via ACH, we'll automatically mark it as paid in QuickBooks Online during the next sync
  • If a report has been exported to QuickBooks Online and marked as paid in QuickBooks Online, we'll automatically mark it as reimbursed in Expensify during the next sync
  • If a report has not been exported to QuickBooks Online, it will not be exported to QuickBooks Online automatically

Newly imported categories should be enabled/disabled 

This controls the status of new categories. Based on this control, new categories imported from QuickBooks Online to Expensify with be either enabled or disabled by default.

Invite Employees 

Enabling this automatically invites all Employees set up in QuickBooks Online to the connected Expensify Company Policy (if they are not already a member). If you choose not to use this option, you can manually invite people in Expensify or import using a CSV.

Automatically Create Entities

If you export reimbursable expenses as Vendor Bills or Journal Entries, Expensify will automatically create a vendor in QuickBooks (If one does not already exist). Expensify will also automatically create a customer when exporting Invoices.

Sync reimbursed reports

Enabling will mark the Vendor Bill as paid in QuickBooks Online if you reimburse a report via ACH direct deposit in Expensify. If you reimburse outside of Expensify, then marking the Vendor Bill as paid in QuickBooks Online will automatically mark the report as reimbursed in Expensify.

Note that you'll be prompted to select a QuickBooks Account below this toggle after enabling the feature. Using the QuickBooks Account drop-down, select the bank account your reimbursements are coming out of, and we'll create the payment in QuickBooks.

Collection Account


If you are exporting Invoices from Expensify to Quickbooks Online, this is the account the Invoice will appear against once marked as Paid.

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