Deep Dive: How do policy rules and expense limits work with attendee tracking? Sheena

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Attendee Tracking allows users to add colleagues to expenses to account for shared spending scenarios, as well as offers a way to document meeting and event attendees for transparency in group spend. 
  • Policy rules and expense limits are applied on a per-person basis. If an expense exceeds the limit across all attendees, a violation will be applied to that expense. 
  • By adding an attendee to an expense, that expense is subject to the combined limit of the attendees. For example, let’s say the per-person limit on a policy is set to $20. If a policy member incurs a $50 expense and has added an attendee to the expense, it will result in a violation since the amount is over the policy defined per-person limit. However, if the expense is $30, no violation would be applied, as it is under the per-person policy limit. 
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