Deep Dive: A look at how the integration between Workday and Expensify functions

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By leveraging the Expensify API, Expensify’s integration with Workday saves you hours of manual work managing employees with a fully customizable direct connection.

What does the Workday Integration do?

The Workday Integration can:

  • Provision new employees in Expensify: Automatically invite employees to the correct Expensify policy based on the data in Workday.

  • Update employees and approval workflows: Any changes to employee email and manager are automatically updated in Expensify.

  • Deprovision employees: Optionally remove employees from their home policy on their termination date.

To learn more about setting this up, visit our article on How-to: Set up the Workday Integration.

Please note that the Expensify API is a self-serve tool. For any other questions, we recommend the Community Forum as a great resource for getting API help and advice!

Note: When you have connected Workday successfully, it will not show as connected on the Connections page of your Policy. The button on the Connections page is simply for requesting setup info.