Deep Dive: Quickly inviting users to your policy (best practice, philosophy)

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Adding employees to your company Group policy can be done in multiple ways and at any time! 

*Note that you will need to be an admin for a company Group policy in order to add and remove users. 

This page covers how to manage your users in Expensify:

Inviting users with your shareable policy joining link

As a company Group policy admin, you can quickly invite colleagues to join you on an Expensify policy by sharing your unique Policy Joining Link.  Use it as many times as needed inviting multiple users via an internal email list, chat, text, and more! 

Easily access your link by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People:

Allowing users to automatically join your policy

By enabling the Pre-approve switch beneath your Policy Joining Link, you can allow teammates to automatically join your policy as soon as they create an Expensify account with their work email address.

How does this work? If a colleague signs up with a work email (i.e., and it matches the email domain of a company policy owner (i.e., they will be able to automatically join your policy without needing a manual invite. When new users join a policy, they will be configured to submit their expense reports to the policy owner by default.

This feature can be enabled by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People:

Alternatively, you can disable this feature and employees will only be able to request access to your policy if they are not invited already. These invites will then show in your Inbox for speedy acceptance. 

Inviting users manually

Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People - then click Invite and enter the invitee's email address.

Indicate whether you want them to be an EmployeeAdmin, or Auditor on the policy (see User Roles to learn the differences). 

If you're using Advanced Approval, designate who they will submit their expense reports to, as well as who an approver will send approved reports on to next in the approval process (leave this blank if they are a final approver). 

Optionally, enter a custom message you'd like them to receive in their invitation email.

To invite multiple users with this, simply separate out their email addresses with a comma. 👍

Click the green Invite button from that window, and you're all set! 

Have invited users check their email in order to get started and create their account.

Inviting bulk users to a policy

You can also use the spreadsheet bulk upload option to invite users to a policy, which is useful when you are setting up for the first time or need to update multiple users! Click the Import from Spreadsheet button to upload a .csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx file.

Here's an example of what your spreadsheet of users could look like:

After uploading the spreadsheet, we'll display  a window where you can choose which columns to import and what they correspond to:

This is the full list of users settings you are able to import:

  • Email
  • Role
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Submits To
  • Approves To
  • Approval Limit
  • Over Limit Forward To

Click the Import button and you're done! We will import the new users with the optional settings and update any already existing ones.

Re-sending an Invitation

If the invitee does not receive the invitation, the first place to check would be their spam or trash email filters. Did our invitation email or validation link accidentally slip into one of these folders in this user's inbox?

If there is definitely no email, here's how to join a policy.

For new users without an existing account you can resend your validation email following these steps:

  • Have the employee go to the Expensify sign-in page and type in their email address. They will see a prompt appear, and then click the blue link to resend the validation email. 
  • Didn't receive the email? Troubleshoot why you may not have received this here.
If the employee already has an Expensify account with the same email you invited, that policy will simply be added to their current account.

Logging in on both the web and their mobile to verify the correct policy that is selected as their default is definitely recommended. The default can be selected by clicking to place a checkmark next to that policy on this list.